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Monastery Club
Artist In Residence

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Resident DJ

Kid Towerz

Bryan aka Kid Towerz has a high energy blend of EDM bangers and Raggaeton remixes that allows his style to keep the crowd on their feet and dancing subserviently to the music.  With skills in all areas of atmosphere creation Bryan is able to orchestrate any event from corporate to underground. Check him out at the links below or go to

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Olivia "Liv" Traub

Olivia Traub is a classically trained bi-lingual singer ranging from show tunes, jazz, latin, pop with a heavenly voice that moves the audience into deep emotion.  She is a regular in Puerto Rico performing as a soloist, with musicians and is a rising star of the island.  Click her Soundcloud link below.

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Yoga Instructor - Holistic Coach - Aruyvedic Consultant

Melba RASA Yoga

With 25 years experience in kinesthetic movement and yogic practices, Melba Soto the entrepreneur behind RASA Healing, offers sound healing, meditation, breath work and will guide the student further into every area of holistic wellness.  She offers workshops, trainings, retreats and custom programs to guide the pupil into a higher quality of life.

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We Are Building A Creative Collective To Gather In Unique Ways And Build Community In Puerto Rico

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