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Artist In Residence

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Become an "Artist In Residence" At Monastery Club and book your live performances at our venue!

Display your talent, film social media content and earn from the event.

Have the opportunity to be hired for gigs year round by joining our Monastery "AIR" program,

What Is An "Artist In Residence"?

An artist residency is an opportunity provided by a host organisation that enables a guest artist to work in a new environment, often away from the restrictions and pressures of their everyday lives.


Artist residencies are about providing the time and space for a guest artist to develop work and creatively explore new ideas.


Who Can Join The "AIR" Program

The "AIR" program is designed for singers, musicians, visual artists, performing artists, promoters, event coordinators, poets, yoga practitioners, wellness coaches and any creative medium that would like to perform, teach or host events at Monastery Club.


How Do I Become An "Artist In Residence"?

To become an "AIR" Member at Monastery Club simply apply on this page by filling out the form and we will contact you to create your event.  We will share our "AIR" agreement with you and together we will display your work to an audience at an upcoming date.


Artist In Residence
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